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So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything…I’ve been a bit busy with University and am proud to say I’ve completed my degree in Electronics Engineering!


Uni was tough, with me barely getting time to do any sports, creating music seemed like a lost cause. I felt lost every time I opened up Ableton or Logic. I tried to find inspiration in the littlest of things and even got a 16 bar progression down but the lack of motivation almost made it impossible to complete an instrumental. And with this becoming a norm for the year; opening up Ableton, creating a 16bar loop and then saving and quitting; I had about 7 mediocre projects lying about on my desktop that I probably would not ever touch again.


However, if there was one thing that could inspire and motivate me to make music again, it was a brand new piece of software or hardware. I love trying out new programs and instruments and experimenting with brand new sounds. And with that mentality came the purchase of Native Instruments’ Maschine. Its sleek look and intuitive interface and sound library blew me away. I was able to learn how to use the controller within the hour, purely by experimenting.


Now I don’t plan on telling you how amazing it is because that’s boring. Instead, I present to you a short clip of my first completed project using just the Maschine hardware and software.